Introduction to the Huawei Site Kit for First Time Developers

by Matthew Fodor

So, you are a developer, and you’ve heard about the HUAWEI site kit, but you are not sure what it can offer. Fortunately for you, you are in the right place as we plan to cover all the features that can be found within the HUAWEI site kit.

HUAWEI Site Kit 101

The Huawei Site Kit is optimized for apps that give the user secure and convenient access to a wide range of location-based services. The core capabilities that are part of the Huawei site kit include:

· Users can explore nearby places based on the location of their device. Their nearby place search is fast and efficient.

· Their search suggestion is quite intuitive. Every time the user makes a query, it will return a list of suggestions which is always on point and perfectly matches the query.

· All searches include place details. So, in addition to a list of nearby places that match your query, the user can also access details for each place on the given list. For example, if it is a restaurant, you will be able to see its rating with users, working hours, exact location, how to get there, and other data points.

· Smart keyword research. The user can enter a keyword, and in return, he/she will get a list of places based on that keyword.

· Geocoding is a feature that can transform a street address into coordinates and vice versa.

· The time zone can be calculated based on the user’s current location.

It is everything one developer needs to build an app that lets users explore the surrounding world. 

Coverage & Language

Developers using the Huawei site kit can access over 130 million places spread in over 200 countries worldwide. Plus, their site kit is featured in 13 languages, which further expands the given horizons. What’s evenly impressive is that this is a dynamic category in which new countries, places, and languages are added regularly.

Available Resources

In addition to the many top features, developers are supported by many resources such as:

· Development Guide that offers comprehensive instructions for kit integration

· API reference library. 

· Collection of case studies. This section offers access to many code snippets and explains how to use most of their APIs. 

· SDK download

Service Scenarios

The Huawei site kit can be used in all sorts of service scenarios. Here are some examples.

Detail Exploration

Users are given access to a wide stream of structured data that is far beyond a simple list of places. They get details about the individual places they intend to explore, visit, or use their services. That way, they can choose according to their preferences and specific demands.

Place Search

As explained above, this is possible in 13 languages, and many more coming soon. Their search bar is highly intuitive, and it doesn’t need too many details to figure out what you are searching for. All suggestions are relevant and intelligently sorted out to the convenience of the user. 

Address Acquisition

The intuition of the platform is based on advanced AI that can also help the user figure out the current address or location in more than 200 countries; some of the supported areas are quite remote. The user can easily obtain the name of the region, the street address, and even the current coordinates. That way, getting lost is not something that should concern you.

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