Facts About Huawei Ecosystem You Need to Know

by Matthew Fodor

Whenever you come across the Huawei brand, what comes into your mind is its networking technology and mobile devices. However, there are things you may not know that play a great role in user experience. These are the Huawei ecosystem and HMS.

The Huawei ecosystem is comprised of various consumer devices such as tablets, speakers, telematics, smartphones, and more. All these things work with the help of Huawei’s other services. As a result, it is easier to transfer files between devices through the Huawei smartphone. The good thing is that its ecosystem is still growing and becoming better with each day.

Growing HMS Footprint

You can think of Huawei Mobile Services as a bridge from the smartphone to many other devices that use the ecosystem. With the addition of more devices, the more HMS gets developed. Fortunately, Huawei has invested billions of dollars to achieve this. They have partnered with individual developers and businesses to build an ecosystem that is focused on end-user experience.

For instance, Huawei has developers across the world. Most of the developers are involved in Huawei Shining-Star Program. This provides innovation, training, and market resources to developers. Developers can receive incentives and awards for development innovation, marketing, growth, and various aspects. The platform provides developers with access to various developer services that include HMS capabilities, HMS Connect, and HMS Core.

There are over a million developers creating apps with HMS, and with thousands of apps already available into HMS Core. It is now easy for developers to create apps that are compatible with Huawei devices. The smartphone manufacturer has plans to offer more resources and services to partners. As a result, developers can easily distribute their services easily.

Collection of Development App Kits

At the moment, HMS offers a wide range of services that include Mobile Cloud, audiokit, Huawei Music, App Gallery, Huawei ID, and more.

App Gallery

This is the official app distribution platform with millions of monthly active users, and it is available in over 170 countries.

Huawei Browser

You can use this app to browse the internet, and it can be integrated with different services.

Huawei Assistant

This app offers personalized newsfeeds and calendar reminders. App developers can connect services to this app and reach millions of monthly active users.

Mobile Cloud

Users are provided 5Gb of free cloud storage. There is also an option to purchase up to 2TB of cloud storage to meet your business needs.

Quick App

With this app, users can access any given app without the need to download it. Thousands of developers have connected with this platform. In fact, there are numerous quick apps in Huawei’s ecosystem available to developers.

Notwithstanding the challenges Huawei is facing, the company is still dedicated to meet the needs of customers and fans. That explains why it has partnered with developers from across the world. HMS is focused on strengthening partnerships with various industry players and create a fully-connected future. As noted before, Huawei is committed to supporting and fostering innovation of the mobile developers and provide quality content to the users.

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